There’s something about traveling that makes life a little more special. There’s something  about traveling with students you barely know or just met on the day of trip a little more special, too. You are strangers that then become friends in the midst of this transformative, cultural, world experience. The atmosphere you create in the new atmosphere you are immersed in is the most special. So special, you will never forget it, and always want to go back to that infinite time.

p.s. Yesterday I attended a study abroad panel for a service trip to Guatemala, and gain, I was mesmerized by the experiences my peers had. I’ve been wanting to travel to a Spanish-speaking country since I stepped foot into college. But now that I am Station Manager at NPCTV, and am planning to intern at a media corporation over the summer, it’s difficult to see where my study abroad experience will fit into my academic career. I do know though, that I want to experience something super special again, similar to the way I felt that infinitness in Thailand. So, here’s to the special and magic in traveling!


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