Take the Trailways bus at 1:05 p.m. Watch a show and take a nap while on the way back home. Battle the migraine while on the bus. Check the time you get off the bus and into the train station. Walk the opposite direction within the train station (it’s not your fault you haven’t taken a train since the middle of August). Get on the uptown 2 train, thankfully. Get off the train and roll the luggage quickly as you’re passing through the park just trying to get home in time. Walk up 5 flights to your apartment and knock really hard 3 times. Move your head away from the peephoe for a few seconds to add to the suspense and unexpected. Look back into the peephoe, and feel the gratitude, the energy of the kids–your brother and sister, reverberate through the closed door.

p.s.I went home last Friday to attend a student career conference the following morning, and in the midst of my plan, I surprised my brother and sister with my presence. Their reactions were priceless. Here’s to my plan being a successful one!


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