Is not so social. We often lose the nature of face-to-face conversations, relations, partnerships, networks and genuine connectivity. We often are alone together on separate devices obsessing over what others are doing. We often lose eye contact. We often are consumed by a technological world or a dimension of a virtual life. We share what’s easy and convenient to share on social media to begin conversations that aren’t actual conversations but disconnected comments. Thus, social media is not so social. It’s a place where people are socially alone, together.

p.s. I watched Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together speech on Monday, and she talked about how reclaiming conversation is what us as humans need to improve on. I agree completely, and I hope her ideas as well as my support, helps you tackle this obsession over social media, too. Here’s to unplugging technology, balancing the amount of time using social media, and reclaiming conversation in your life!


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