We scored an interview with Michael Moore, American documentary filmmaker, author, and director and producer of Fahrenheit 9/11. We covered the Presidential Election. We created our first episode of the semester for Fiebre Latina based on pre-election and post-election thoughts. We got footage of Bernie Sanders at our school. We went to town to cover stories on Halloween and scored interviews with people outside of our own little college bubble. We produced the mannequin challenge. We built an entirely new Spanish department, and got an influx of general members. We are still working, too.

p.s. Yesterday my team and I had our last meeting of the semester, and it was a surreal feeling. I thought I had finally got the hang of being Station Manager, despite there being so many other things to learn. I thought I had finally felt like we were family in the midst of our work. But the bulk of our work has come to an end. 12 weeks flew by. Here’s to our hard work and dedication as a station to be excellent storytellers! We are: NPCTV.

p.p.s Check us out on our YouTube channel, NPCSUNY, to see everything we were able to capture thus far. We have our NPCTV promo, and an event we are covering called, “Envied Fashion Show XIV”coming up. So stay tuned for more news before the semester is completely over!


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