You and your sis take the train to East 86th street. When you get there you scan the surrounding area for your godmother. You spot her in a caramel peacoat holding a Macy’s bag. She crosses the street while smiling. Then you ask if you can stop at H & M because you have a gift card you want to use. Your mom meets up with you all, and you show her the 3 items you’re getting for under $25. You’re happy with these extraneous goods.  You continue shopping at other stores and fall in a love with a MAC lipstick that’s totally not the color you thought it would be. But it’s still dark, mysterious, and powerful. You continue walking with your mom, sis, and god mom, and stop by this store that seems unfathomable. Here you find the best blue velvet outfit for your trip to DR on super sale. You then head into Benefit brow with your girls. You are greeted with bubbly, and opportunities to have your eyebrows shaped or make-up done first. You’re happy those are the questions you have to worry about. Afterwards, you head to a boutique and contemplate on purchasing a $230 bathing suit. You don’t, and are proud of yourself for not damaging  your credit card and soul. Then you head to Dallas BBQ with your girls because you just got beautified.

p.s. I won the Benefit Brow Sweepstakes for me and 4 other friends (aka my my family). We had a blast shopping, talking, and hanging out at the brow bar. So, here’s to splurging and hanging out with familia. Much needed girls night. xoxo


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