1. Not everyone will agree with your decisions. That’s okay. They don’t have to, and you have to learn to accept that.
  2. Be someone the earth will be happy to meet, always.
  3. Listen carefully to every possible side. Listen to understand, not to reply. Listen to find peace, not war.
  4. Talk about things with people who matter and can find ways to understand and offer you some sort of perspective.
  5. Stop yelling. Breathe. Take a break. Relax.
  6. Ask for help before you’re already drowning.
  7. See how others are doing.
  8. Forgive yourself and others.
  9. Slay the dragon by being brave.
  10. Tell the truth, always.
  11. Be vulnerable in your writing. The most powerful stuff will be created.
  12. Stop comparing all aspects of your life to others.
  13. Spend money wisely, but splurge occasionally. Save money, too.
  14. Give thanks often.
  15. Invest in you.
  16. Don’t trust everybody, but trust yourself the most.
  17. Time fused with love heals all wounds. Just find patience and discipline.

p.s. Yesterday I read an article from Thought Catalog called, “17 Things to Let Go in 2017.” So I thought of all the things I learned this year including the things I’ve learned (or am learning) to let go. So, here’s to the end of the year!

p.p.s. What are your 17 life lessons this year?


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