I met a senior who gave me a glimpse of broadcast television at NPCTV, who promoted me to secretary, and then Station Manager, aka President. I turned 19, my last full teen year. I got engaged to my middle school sweetheart, Joseph. I was accepted into the Honors Program at school. I worked 2 part-time jobs over the summer to finance a trip to Punta Cana, DR with my love (in 3 days). My mom got a job at a place I was grateful to have done community service for, as well as work for. I lived with my love this semester at school. I was gifted a MacBook air thanks to him for our 6-year anniversary. I found out my one and only little sister is going to Senegal, Africa for a service trip through a program at her school in February. I went to the New York Women in Communications Careers Event that made me more grateful for my career choice as a journalist. My little brother hugged me on Christmas day so tight while saying I was the best for buying him the NBA 2K17 game. My dad said he was proud of me this year, but it meant the most this time after a wild academic and NPCTV-driven semester. My friends grounded the parts of my life away from home, and Halloween was a ball.

p.s. This year was full of super tough moments, but absolutely rewarding ones, too. Here’s to the best of 2016!  It definitely has shaped so much of my future.


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