After 3 knocks and a text my great grandpa opens the door. He says, “Es la nina” (it’s the girl). After saying hi and bendicion (blessing) to both Papa (my great grandpa) and Mama (great grandma), I ask my great grandma why she’s getting dressed. She says she is getting ready because I was there; so she had to get dressed for me (how cute). Then she makes me a home-made chicken sandwich. After we talk about DR, life, her desires, her grandchildren, we venture to the computer desktop. I help her purchase some bible study magazines. Next, we head to her next door neighbor’s house to say hello. Soon after I watch her work her magic to cook a meal. We eat together. I wash some dishes. Then we sit down with our bellies full, and loved. I go home about an hour later, and hug Mama and Papa real tight. After 3 knocks and a text…

p.s. Here’s to spending time with grandparents! Not many people can say they have their great grandparents by their side, healthy, happy, and loved.


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