I went to the gym and put my olive green Guess coat in the cubby near the check-in desk. After my workout, I retrieve my coat. But something is missing–my wallet, my life per say. I had my debit and credit card in there, as well as my student ID, and 2 important gold keys in the front pocket. But why would someone purposely steal my wallet? Maybe for the  keys? Hmm…

I went to the gym and put my olive Green Guess coat in the cubby’s 5th row, third column.  After my workout, I retrieve my coat. Well, I thought it was my coat. I actually stole someone else’s coat accidentally–a totally ‘Dynahlee’ move (#score). But I didn’t know that then. I look around the gym, tell the students at the front–desk my issue, and give them my contact info hoping they’d find it once the gym closed.

Well, the girl who took my coat (and wallet) contacted the girl who stole her coat (aka me). I’m guessing she found my number at the gym after retracing her own steps. We chatted over the phone in relief, and she drove to my dorm  so we could exchange items in this strange mix-up.

So much for freezing my credit card, and calling my bank to put a hold on my account –only to call back an hour later to reverse everything again. #superscore

p.s. Yesterday evening was crazy as you can see. But thankfully, the girl and I exchanged coats and laughed awkwardly about the experience together. Here’s to funny, stressful, but-eventually-okay college moments!


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