and by the time you know it you are graduating high school and enrolling in higher education and it’s your first day of classes and then all of a sudden your last final exam as an undergraduate student and now you’ve decided to settle down and continue to start life again as an engaged woman and soon-to-be wife and by the time you blink your eyes you’re getting paid to write articles and you’re on television and you’ve had 2 kids and now your kids have kids and you’re retired in a tropical island but hoping to do a backpack trip around the world all very soon.

p.s. I watched “Storks” with my friends on Friday night and the young boy who wanted attention from his parents resonated with me. He always mumbled under his breath that by the time his parents blinked, he’d be in college even though he was only about 6-years-old. They were so busy dealing with in-house insurance calls that they didn’t pay too much attention to him. Then he said he wanted a little brother to play with, and that moment changed everything. Here’s to blinking your eyes!


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