I think this will really happen. A year ago I really wanted to go for this. A semester ago I didn’t want to let go of my position as Station Manager to achieve this. But that’s what sister lives are for. You would have had a different life had you chose to go this way or that way. But I am trying to figure out study abroad this way.

p.s. I had a meeting on Monday with a representative from the study abroad department  and am looking forward to really making this trip a viable thing for me to do next year around this time. I will be meeting my advisor this week to discuss class options at a particular university in Madrid, Spain. I have so many more questions, but I need to make sure I will be to graduate on time. Regardless, here’s to exciting opportunities!


One thought on “study abroad

  1. Camilla did her junior year/spring semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. She is def graduating on time. The Spain program was administred thru SUNY Albany and she was able to cross-register there as a SUNY Bing student. I’m sure same holds true for you. If you want to talk to her more, let me know. Email me.

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