I talked to my family yesterday and everyone’s going somewhat bonkers. My sister is going on a service trip to Senegal, Africa with a program at her school for 2 weeks this Sunday. She’ll be one of the founders of a school in that area for preschool children. Wow. My brother thought I was going home during the time my sister would be on this trip. However, I don’t have a winter break in February. I am only going home for a couple of hours Sunday. After I leave, and my sister leaves, he will be the only one in the house with my parents for 2 weeks. He’ll be the only child. Hence, he’s going bonkers, as well as my parents, as well as my myself, as well as my sister. She’s going to Senegal, Africa! What?!

p.s. My family and I are super excited to see Katelynn make a difference in this world! The prospect of her going away, me being back at school, and my brother being the only baby my parents have to worry about for 2 weeks is so strange, but a good strange. Everyone’s growing up. Can’t wait to see my sister do something she’s been wanting to do for a while. Proud of her for making this step in her life. So, here’s to the prospect of good things!


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