Dear Future Sources,

I love when I email you, and you provide me with insight. You forward my information, message and contact, to others who might help. You agree to meet up with me and give me a variety of times to work with you. You follow though with your decisions. You give a enthusiastic “Of course!” when I ask if my handy-dandy notebook, pen, and recorder are permissible throughout this conversation. We talk, we laugh, we exchange ideas and get clarification on things we need and want to know. I appreciate you.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                               Dynahlee

p.s. On Thursday, I got so many responses to the emails I had sent the previous night regarding an article I am writing about international student employment regulations, opportunities, and sometimes, burdens. It’s great to know that people are interested in this, and are willing to help me understand it even more. So here’s to quick, helpful responses!


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