“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things,” and I wish we’d acknowledge that more often. And I wish we’d know we “were in the good old days before we left them.” And I wish we’d just know that “no that matter how we get anywhere, we have this miraculous gift as humans to make that place home.” And that sometimes no matter “how stupid, wonderful, boring, and amazing something is, we owe everything to it” for the life it has given us. And “if we look at it the right way…” it’s ordinarily beautiful.

p.s. Here’s a culmination of quotes meshed up together from the last episode of The Office. It was such an amazing show about life at work. These days may be transformative, life-changing, and maybe, even some of the best days ever. Maybe this place can even be the place where we meet our best friend, best man, maid of honor or even the love of our lives. Who knows?  Here’s to the beauty in ordinary!


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