According to Dr. Elliot King from Loyola University, fake news is so easy to mistake for real news because it looks like and serves as (a)  real news site (s). Thus, he adds, it is easy to grab and hold an audience and its attention. On top of that, fake news is a source of revenue. Lastly, people believe it. And that’s what makes fake news, fake news.

p.s. I learned today that when it comes to fake news “Journalists have to embed themselves in the community”(King). Through the use of conversation ethos (credibility), and pathos (emotion) we can listen, understand, and then talk with facts that empathize. As Dr. King concluded he said, “Facts are not persuasive, emotions are.” So, here’s to the magic in reporting and storytelling by listening, reading, capturing voices, and having/showing empathy!


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