If you have one full day to show a wonderful friend your home away from home take her to:

  1. The marketing object of your school. In my case, that’s the atrium.When you look up SUNY New Paltz, the glass pyramid is the first thing you see, and it’s gorgeous (and yes, I am bias).
  2. Your fave tourist spots in town. That is, Water Street Market (culturally diverse shops, great donut and hot chocolate place, and an awesome place to take photos). That is, The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, a path for walks, talks, and a visit to the WallKill river. That is, checking out The Inner Wall, an indoor rock climbing place for a dirt-cheap all-day pass.
  3. Your fave restaurant thus far. That is, Bacchus Bar and Restaurant. I ordered ‘nasty nachos,’ lobster ravioli, and a tiramisu. We also heard some live fiddling, too.  I highly recommend this spot!

*Best part is: all a walking distance from campus

p.s. Here’s to showing my high school gem part of my college life! We had a blast!


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