“is the cost of living. It’s how we know we’re alive.” -a quote from the last episode of “The Vampire Diaries.” We have this wonderful thing called empathy. We feel for others. We feel pain: our own and others. We feel alive because our lives are a hell of a ride full of pain and laughter and love and growth and intensity  and a culmination of epiphanies. With pain can come beautiful creations–even if that wasn’t the intention. Pain reminds us that we are alive–not just existing but experiencing. And trying to get rid of that pain, means we are trying and improving.

p.s. Yesterday  I felt a little empty over people who aren’t and were never real. I said goodbye to “The Vampire Diaries” series. It made storytelling a little more gut-wrenching, beautiful & epic for its viewers. Those who stayed were in for a hell of a ride. My 13-year old self was intrigued by this show. My 20-year-old self fell in love & got heart-broken. Regardless, here’s to the pain that makes us feel alive!


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