When my brother was 3, he would yell viciously at me when he didn’t get his way, and he would hit my sister a lot (one time even scarring her chest with the tip of the broom). He was a little monster. Today though, him and my sister are inseparable.

When I was 10, I argued with my grandmother a lot. I don’t remember why exactly, except maybe I told her to stop yelling so much. Now, we can’t stop catching up every time we’re on the phone.

And when my sister was 11, she packed her bags and said she wanted to live somewhere else. She was a little rebellious (and I’m being generous with “a little.”) She got to the staircase, and then came back into the apartment. Now, she loves staying home, and keeps telling my parents she’s not moving out when the time comes. Ha!

p.s. On Wednesday, my family and I talked about our childhood memories as kids. What were we thinking?! Apparently we weren’t. So, here’s to childhood memories!


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