1. Get organized. The alarms on my phone, and the notes in my planner, save my life.
  2. Put your goals in writing. The ‘Notes’ app is perfect for me to write out my personal goals. Google docs is perfect for me to write down my academic and professional goals. A digital copy is forever, and that’s why I love using these two mediums.
  3. Know when to prioritize. This is where writing down things in order helps. Paying attention to deadlines, sacrificing things, and making time for yourself matter, too.
  4. Understand your productivity cycle. Anytime from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. is where I get my best work done. Anything after 8 p.m., especially after a long day, is tough for my mind and body. Sometimes though, working past 8 p.m. is necessary.
  5. Tune out distractions. Checking my email once an hour might be my new strategy to maximize productivity. I might use this same rule for using iMessage on my MacBook.
  6. Learn when it’s OK to disconnect. If something is urgent, I will get to it. But knowing that I can reply back the following morning or later in the day are good options to keep in mind.
  7. Work from home. As a college student, I am often working from my dorm. But occasionally switching the space in which I work is healthy and necessary. In those times, I head to the study room, computer lab, or the Atrium.
  8. Build your circle of trust. When I need I advice, I reach out to my fiancé, my parents, my mentors, and/or my boss.
  9. Know when it’s time to go home. I often find myself at the studio for more hours than I had anticipated. So lately, I’ve been putting many alarms in a close proximity to each other, in order to separate myself from work.
  10. Use your free time wisely. What often charges me up after a long day is going to the gym, talking on the phone with family, and catching up on one of my favorite television programs.

p.s. I read an article from the NYWICI website, posted by Lauren Tran, and it was very interesting to learn about the simple, yet effective ways to be successful. So, here’s to success! The link is down below.



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