Every time I go home for break, I bring a suit case full of things. Every time I leave home, I bring back even more things to my school. But it’s not my fault. My family encourages me to take things–lots of things! For instance, my dad told me to go “shopping” before I took a ride back to the bus. So I peeked through the cupboards and grabbed a few cans of the good ole Chef Boyardee.  He also told me to take half of the rice pudding. I couldn’t say no. Meanwhile, my suitcase had already been stuffed with candy, and my TJ Max bag was filled with AriZona Iced Tea cans. Every time…I become more and more of a beast… in love with food.

p.s. Sunday: my mom and dad always tell me not to pack so much. Each time I fail them, and struggle to fit all the goodies I end up bringing back with me to “survive.” Here’s to every time ______ happens! Fill it with something you can’t seem to shake.



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