Decorating the venue with red rose petals and spray painted gold vines made the grand palace of a place magically lit. Getting over 40 balloons into the trunk of the van to the palace was a a royal pain in the ass. Listening to the DJ play all the top hits and watching the queen, family, and friends dance was of the highest honor. Eating delicious food and trying a tremendous rose-gold crown layered cake were the royal treats. Being a part of this special night at an incredible empire, while the queen reigned, was quite the royal experience.

p.s. How my family pulled off a Sweet 16 in 3.5 weeks last Saturday is a beautiful blessing beyond words. We are so THANKFUL to all for making Kate’s bash a success. So much LOVE. p.s. My parents always give us the world, and yesterday was a primary example of the love they radiate & reciprocate.  

p.p.s Happy 16th birthday, Kate! #Aprilfoolsbaby


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