After a couple of hours, the cues began to make sense. That is, my sister told me to ring the bell when I got home. I questioned why’d I do that if my dad was picking me up from the bus stop and had the key himself. That is, my dad mentioned that he liked my comfy gray and pink New Balance sneakers, and that those sneakers reminded him of my grandpa from Florida who loved wearing New Balance sneakers, too. That is, when I got home, my little brother squeezed me so tight, as if he was so excited about something. I had seen him literally a week ago so I was unconvinced that he missed me THAT much. That is, my mom was holding the phone in a weird angle, as if she was on FaceTime or recording. After a couple of hours, I found out that they were here. And I found out why.

p.s. My grandparents from Florida surprised us all for my sister’s Sweet 16! My expression was priceless, as was my family’s. Can’t believe they made it!

p.p.s  Their presence made my Friday and trip back home on that long bus ride worth it!


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