In Spain, I will be eating dinner very late. Maybe 9 p.m. Maybe 10 p.m. Maybe even 11 p.m. Lunch or “ciesta” will be around 3 p.m. and breakfast isn’t that big of deal.

In Spain, I will walk or take the train almost everywhere. The train rides are about 20 euros per month, and my photo ID will be on my “metro” card.

In Spain, I will be listening, speaking, writing, and comprehending Spanish almost always. I will be immersed in Spanish culture more than ever. In Spain…

p.s. On Wednesday, I went to a meeting with a group of students to hear a presentation about what we should expect when studying abroad. I am crossing my fingers for an acceptance into the program, scholarships, and an experience of a lifetime. So, here’s to the prospect of living and studying in a new country!


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