My boss texts me. There’s an event regarding Asian cultures, which we have not been able to film yet. But we should. There’s no reporter available, including myself. I am a little too busy, and cannot cover this. So, I ask if there are any videographers available. Thankfully there is! I then ask Lukas to capture footage. I also give him the questions to ask in the hopes that he’ll be able to get a few interviews as well as b-roll. He is thus the reporter and videographer.

p.s. Last Tuesday, I had to think on my feet about an event that NPCTV needed to cover. More often than not, there’s not enough staff available at the time I need them to be, due to school work and other obligations. So, I had to improvise. Here’s to last minute plans!

p.p.s Lukas said the package came out great! #goteam


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