Some makeup artists find creating looks liberating. Others find this art as a means to aid in their confidence about their face or body. Most makeup artists find it absolutely fun, and make a living out of it. Some who do it for fun, like London makeup artist, Stefania Atupe, receive acclaim for their artistry, as well.

What is most important about makeup, is that anyone who practices seriously can become or be considered a makeup artist. With an extensive amount of routine practice in and out of work, advice and classes from professionals, experience in the field, as well as clients, makeup artists can truly create outstanding “canvases” on one’s face.

What’s also special about makeup is that many women and men are their own artists. They create everyday looks for work and/or school. They create looks for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, or parties. They even create looks just for fun like at slumber parties or spas–just to feel good or better.

But there is something else that is special about makeup, too: the removal. This aspect of removing makeup is what makes the art temporarily beautiful. As much time is spent into creating a makeup look, it instantly gets taken off after a long, hot shower. Applying the makeup happens day in and day out. Therefore, there is never actually a record of the makeup design, unless a picture was taken. Then again, that record would only give us a digitized version of the experience.

A makeup look is thus not preservable the way an art piece in a gallery would be. Makeup artists know that. That is why they use social media in order to advocate for the work they have done in the past with their clients or themselves. Advocating for oneself in the makeup world is equally as important as creating the portfolio of makeup designs. Building clientele is important, too.

Atupe has been able to do all these things at a young age–16. She has also set the bar higher for makeup artists because she actually recreates works of famous arts on herself. Not many people can replicate artwork of other admirable artists. Not many can do so on a different canvas that moves like eyelids. Not many people can do this on their own. Yet, Atupe beats all odds.

Therefore, Atupe’s work is art. Period. Makeup is art. Period. It just takes a certain amount of patience, skill, and imagination to create something authentic in a place others have never tried to do so before. Eyelids were the perfect place to start. Go Atupe!

p.s. Here’s a section of what I wrote for my term paper for Art Criticism on Thursday. Hope you enjoy!


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