Tangy. Coney. Tilts. Jazz. Wed. Jacks. Zits. Steed. Pond. Nose.

p.s. Jaden, Mom, and I played scrabble for 30 minutes. Here’s what we came up with. I’m in the lead!


Before We Eat

We say what we are thankful for:

the food on the table,

the hands capable of making it,




video games and consoles–hard-earned luxury items

freedom to walk in peace

without war.

Before we eat,

while we eat,

during the time in which we eat,

another place is fighting a war.

So we are thankful for them

for fighting for us

so we can eat and be thankful

in peace.

p.s. Yesterday was Memorial day. My sister and I made dinner, and before we had dinner my family of 5 said grace and what we are thankful for. Here’s to the men and women who fought for us then, and continue to fight for us now. We should remember what we have everyday because of them.

My Legacy

To create news stories that allow others to understand international students’ experiences in America. To understand their way of thinking and being in an American college. To understand their way of navigating New York state and city. To learn about their experiences back home over there and to compare. To immerse students in all cultures. To share stories with others about travel and study abroad and global trends and of different people from across the world. To bridge the gap between international students and American students. To hold hands.

as well as…

To create news stories about locals. To know locals. To get to know local places. To make sure locals know us. To get out more. To get off the campus bubble. To talk to adults. To interview kids. To converse with non-professors. To understand those that are educated and schooled in other ways than just college. To know more. To share more. To give back to the local community more. To expose more. To bridge the gap between the campus community and the local community. To hold hands.

p.s. On Sunday I met one of the Station Managers at NPCTV from a few years back. She told me that she had created the Spanish Department and wanted to know what I was creating. She caught me off guard. I never thought about creating something at NPCTV. I thought about participating and collaborating  in certain projects, but never founding something on my own specifically for the future of the station. I was so focused on being a better manager that I didn’t think about producing something for the long run. Maybe it’s time. So above is my take on what I’d like to invest in next semester.  I have yet to figure out how I can make all these ideas stay as part of  NPCTV’s foundation. I have this summer to think it through. Here’s to my legacy!

A Letter

Dear You,

Life is a beach. Some people are in this world because they want to share the little bit of god and light that’s in them with others. Some people are in this world to try and take that bit of good and god that’s in others. Know that you have to learn and live and apologize and heal and forgive and never forget, so that you keep learning. Understand that speaking up about anything that matters to you is always better than never saying anything at all. Appreciate those that help you along the way, and constantly give thanks because nothing great is done alone. Remember that everything is bound to evolve, oscillate, and change, and that’s okay. Try, always. Find love even in the darkest of times and places. Lastly, take this beach and run with it.



p.s. I wrote this letter about life after having read an open letter that was written to Ariana Grande regarding the tragic bombing that occurred at her concert in Manchester, England. You may read the article linked below.

Here’s to you and life and finding light in life’s worst, most sourest lemons. Prayers to the angels that died that night, their families and friends, England as a whole, and Ariana Grande. xoxo

Cape Cod

The air is crisp and cool, despite the dreary heather-grey clouds daring to pour down on us. The ocean ripples onto the walkway of weathered-down rocks offering wonder and serenity. And to the right of sediment bridge is green land upon what seems like soft sand.

p.s. Last Friday I visited Cape Cod with my grandma, her cousin and his wife. Absolutely breathtaking. So here’s to unreal, surreal, and beautiful experiences, as well as lovely views!


When large tires meet mustard-yellow dirt

When large tires roll through deep, dirty waters

When large tires take bumps and ditches with vigor

p.s. Last Thursday I went off-roading in Massachusetts. We took the Jeep through the woods and mud. So, here’s to driving to new experiences and through rough terrain!

When in Boston

Take a selfie with the largest turtle you’ll ever see in your life (or try to) at The New England Aquarium. Sift through the shops and treats at Faneuil Marketplace, and buy 2 shirts at Urban Outfitters for under $7. Andan (‘walk’ in Spanish) through the Public Garden making sure to note the Swan nest and her babies. Eat at Cheers, an iconic Boston landmark, that created an American restaurant based on Cheers, the sitcom that aired from 1982-1993. Then stop by Fenway Park to look for the Green Monster, a popular nickname for the 37’2″ high left field wall at the Red Sox baseball stadium.

p.s. Here’s to day 4 in Massachusetts with my lovely Grandma!


There are no doors on the Jeep, so we bask in the bit of sun and relish in the turmoil of wind. There is much to see, so we snap pics of historical monuments and sandy beaches, despite the damp weather foreshadowing the unknown rain. There is much to eat by the pier, so we relish in fried shrimp, french fries, and New England clam chowda (cus that’s how they say it here in Boston).

p.s. Yesterday, my grandmother and I traveled to New Hampshire with her cousin to check out the beach strip. Then we went to East Boston to get some grub and view the pier. Here’s to adventuring in summer 2017!

I became

a reader to delve into the lives of characters and my own imagination; a writer to create my own stories and refine my own voice and style; a listener to modify my approach to writing and giving others feedback; a journalist to tell other people’s stories in a way the world would understand, too.

p.s. I saw my friend Casey’s graduation cap today on Facebook. It said, “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” –Henry R. Luce                        Pretty awesome quote. Here’s to what you’ve become!

Madrid, here I come

I’m ready for the tapas, the appetizers, after getting any type of drink. I’m ready for the colloquial language, the everyday language, the difference between common phrases like “tomar un examen” here, and “buenos día” there. I’m ready for exploring the city for the 1st couple of weekends, before venturing out to different cities via bus, train, and plane. I’m ready to create a list of a few countries I want to visit before the end of my stay. I’m ready for the festivals, carnivals, Semana Santa, and spring break while in Spain. I’m ready to conquer Spain, smartly and in style.

p.s.  Today, my grandma and I took a road trip to Massachusetts, and I met a distant cousin who studied abroad in Granada, Spain. We spoke about his experiences, and he had an absolutely amazing time. Can’t wait to continue learning about: what Spain has to offer and the dos and don’ts with study abroad. Madrid, here I come!

p.p.s Thanks Victor!