I began by babbling

by being repetitive

by shaking

I thought WNPC-TV still saw me as freshman even though I knew I was a sophomore.

Maybe they did.

I had to show them I was their leader, not only a second-year.

Today I begin by asking

how their weeks have been

and then go into a spiel

about how it is our last meeting

I make them smile when I say,

“Yay! We did it!”

They begin to clap in triumph

Triumph with a hint of silence

As all good things must come to an end

I transition to business…


News packages that need to be edited.

Update them on parts that still need to be filmed.

Then, I go into my highlights of the year:

Halloween coverage

The Mannequin  Challenge

Presidential coverage

Valentine’s Day coverage

and personal projects, in which I valued their feedback.

I.e.) My trip to DR

as well as my

sister’s Sweet 16

Who would have thought I would even have an interest in production?

I end with a thank you note. My voice cracks. I cringe when it does.

I say it’s been an honor getting to be their Station Manager, getting to know more of them a little better, and learning from them.

Subconsciously I know that I will be studying abroad next spring. But they don’t know that just yet.

I am not ready to tell them. They are not ready to hear it. I am not ready to let them  hear it…

They say “awww,” and I take a deep breath.

I hand out the evaluation sheet, and give them 10 minutes to complete it.

I collect them, hand out candy, and ask them to take group photo.

We take several shots and leave.

Just like that

our semester together



p.s. Tuesday marked another year at WNPC-TV! Can’t believe I’ve been with this organization for the past 2 years. Unreal. Here’s to my team!





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