1. Don’t cram! As Bookbyte stated, “Cramming is good for memorization but not for retention.” Ideally, study in  20-50 minute intervals.
  2. Simplify the study material by creating stories and /or acronyms for various concepts.
  3. Get lots of sleep and eat a good breakfast to stay energized throughout the day.
  4. Give yourself healthy, well-deserved study breaks.
  5. Alternate your study space.
  6. Work out to get away from your study space, get some fresh air, and relieve stress.

p.s. Bookbyte sent out an email to students on how to prepare for finals without becoming a zombie. I shared a few of their ideas here and intertwined them with my own tips and tricks. Here’s to the 1st day of study week and trying to remain productive as well as motivated!


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