1. My ability to present my ideas in a smooth manner. This means using less obvious transitions and much more clear language that connects others to what I am saying seamlessly.
  2. My management style. This means being more strict with deadlines, and making decisions now as opposed to later. This means getting answers now as opposed to later. This means being in the now.
  3. My relationship with my team. This means having informal conversations with members about their progress one-on-one. This means giving them feedback on random assignments when I stop by at the station, offering advice when they do not ask for it,  and commending them on assignments individually and unexpectedly.

p.s. This year has definitely been a transformative experience for me in and outside of academics, as well as on a personal level. And that experience all began with my time as manager at NPCTV. On Friday, my boss and I went over things I could work on for next semester based on a combination of feedback from him and members of the team. So, here’s to bettering myself for future me and my future team!



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