Dear You,

Life is a beach. Some people are in this world because they want to share the little bit of god and light that’s in them with others. Some people are in this world to try and take that bit of good and god that’s in others. Know that you have to learn and live and apologize and heal and forgive and never forget, so that you keep learning. Understand that speaking up about anything that matters to you is always better than never saying anything at all. Appreciate those that help you along the way, and constantly give thanks because nothing great is done alone. Remember that everything is bound to evolve, oscillate, and change, and that’s okay. Try, always. Find love even in the darkest of times and places. Lastly, take this beach and run with it.



p.s. I wrote this letter about life after having read an open letter that was written to Ariana Grande regarding the tragic bombing that occurred at her concert in Manchester, England. You may read the article linked below.

Here’s to you and life and finding light in life’s worst, most sourest lemons. Prayers to the angels that died that night, their families and friends, England as a whole, and Ariana Grande. xoxo


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