To create news stories that allow others to understand international students’ experiences in America. To understand their way of thinking and being in an American college. To understand their way of navigating New York state and city. To learn about their experiences back home over there and to compare. To immerse students in all cultures. To share stories with others about travel and study abroad and global trends and of different people from across the world. To bridge the gap between international students and American students. To hold hands.

as well as…

To create news stories about locals. To know locals. To get to know local places. To make sure locals know us. To get out more. To get off the campus bubble. To talk to adults. To interview kids. To converse with non-professors. To understand those that are educated and schooled in other ways than just college. To know more. To share more. To give back to the local community more. To expose more. To bridge the gap between the campus community and the local community. To hold hands.

p.s. On Sunday I met one of the Station Managers at NPCTV from a few years back. She told me that she had created the Spanish Department and wanted to know what I was creating. She caught me off guard. I never thought about creating something at NPCTV. I thought about participating and collaborating  in certain projects, but never founding something on my own specifically for the future of the station. I was so focused on being a better manager that I didn’t think about producing something for the long run. Maybe it’s time. So above is my take on what I’d like to invest in next semester.  I have yet to figure out how I can make all these ideas stay as part of  NPCTV’s foundation. I have this summer to think it through. Here’s to my legacy!


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