1. You make me laugh a lot
  2. You tell me to take breaks
  3. You love my family
  4. You listen
  5. You understand
  6. You treat me
  7. You teach me technological things
  8. You split things with me
  9. You adore me
  10. You take pride in my achievements
  11. You save money for me, for us
  12. You love my friends, our friends
  13. You ask how I am doing
  14. You cook good breakfast
  15. You get hair cuts without me telling you to do so (haha)
  16. You run errands with me
  17. You miss me
  18. You always try to solve any issues before bed
  19. You go on adventures with me
  20. You try foods you would have never eaten before without me
  21. (for good luck) You love me, and I love you

p.s. I hope your 20th birthday was just as special as you are to me, Joseph. Above are 20 reasons why we’re a pretty cool pair. Here’s to your 20th year!


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