my brain

a million ideas floating in a million ways

written down in various books and notes

trying to figure out what exactly is my takeaway

I guess that’s what happens

when there’s no exact schedule

to plan out your day

p.s. Today was my 1st day off at work for the week, and I tried to be as productive as possible while at home. My brain was going crazy because even my friends said my text messages were confusing. Time to take break. So, here’s to the human brain!



the people, the harmonies, the beats, the sounds, the lyrics make my heart smile

the way I do when I hear poetry

and when I hear the audience go wild for a single person

who makes a living out of singing and performing with such passion

the hairs on my skin lift, for they are in awe, too

and when my whole mood elevates

at the sound of this language called music,

there’s simply nothing more beautiful than feeling

that grand, and that infinite

and even from the comfort of my own bed, my own room


what may seem like a world away


is connected

by love

p.s. Thank you, Ariana Grande and team for creating such a phenomenal benefit concert last evening for those affected in Manchester, England. One Love. May those beautiful angels live infinitely in peace.