I want to return to school for the tranquility the views offer me. and for the bubbly people. and for the cute, picturesque town. and for the smooth track and well-maintained gym. and the new pitches for WNPC-TV. and for a semester to redecorate and create a an even better living space with my my love. and for lunch dates with friends. and for random wii and board game parties in the dorm. and for a whole semester of learning and growing and reinventing myself.

I hesitate to return to school because of the stress of coursework. and new things like my being appointed Student Activities Manager on top of Station Manager. and trying to handle other opportunities that may spring my way. and trying to get better with rapid change. and still figuring out this ‘balance’ thing in this other thing the universe created called ‘life.’ and the sacrifices I might have to make to make ends meet for me. and being selfish. and practicing self-care and self-love even more.

p.s. My sister and I had a conversation about whether we’re ready to head back to school.   We both had so much to think about for this question. It’s always this love/hate, bitter/sweet relationship we have with school. So here’s to the good and the bad in getting back to school!


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