Starting Today

Make the most of the 3 weeks ’til summer is over. Hit up Empire State Experience. Do Karaoke. Meet up with a friend. Go to the Beach. Jump in the pool. Visit my family. Have a dance party. Work a couple of more shifts. Purchase what is needed. Pack up the essentials. Pass my road test.

p.s. I hope I can make all this happen. Here’s to what August may bring!


Surviving Jury Duty 101

Bring stuff to do. Read a book. Sort through your emails. Reach out to people you haven’t in a while. Catch up on your favorite shows. Write out things you need to on your phone and send them out later. Bring a charger. Listen up. Do your best not to slump in your chair and fall asleep. Hope to get the case if you want a case. Hope to get dismissed if you rather work at your day job.

p.s. Yesterday I went in for Day 1 of Jury Duty. Above are some tips to not be bored out of your mind. Here’s to civic duties! Or in my case, waiting to be or not to be part of civic duties!

Red Lobster Rules

Our favorite indulgence: buttery biscuits

Our favorite drinks: strawberry lemonades

Our favorite topic: future plans, near or far

Our favorite game: guessing the damage, the bill

p.s. On Sunday, Joseph and I went to Red Lobster after work. We had a good time catching up apart from work. Here’s to ‘Red Lobster Rules!’