Driving with Mom

Prepare to drive well. Get ready for hills. Don’t hesitate to reverse. Mirror techniques learned in lessons. Prepare for her to yell. Get ready for her to critique. Don’t hesitate to ask her questions while also paying attention to the road. Mirror her hand movements.

p.s. On Tuesday, I drove with my mom as my passenger for the 1st time! Here’s to driving with Mom!


3 Wishes

If I had 3 wishes,

I’d wish for 3 things to work out.

I’d wish for smooth sailing, or rather driving,  to pass my road test.

I’d wish for peace and tranquility within me throughout this process of preparing for my internship.

I’d wish for the same serenity for getting back to the groove of school and new commitments.

p.s. My brother asked me before we went to bed on Monday if I had 3 wishes what I’d wish for. Above are the wishes I shared with him. Here’s to wishing!