Melisa cleaned and skinned the brown potatoes and then cut them into french fries (Yum!).

Jeremiah mixed the yellow cake batter and added marshmallows to the pan to give the treat a sweet, fluffy taste. He also seasoned and fried the fries (Yum!).

I cleaned, seasoned, and fried the breaded chicken cutlet (Yum!).

Elba helped gather all the materials, while being observant of the oven, stove, and how all the food was being prepared (Yay!).

p.s. Here’s when your friend’s mom leaves to DR, and you and your friends get together to make a meal and help her survive. That’s what I call ‘team effort.’ And a great way to end a Friday night. Hope your weekend was just as great as how mine started! #lotsoflove


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