One Month Until Spain

Today marks exactly one month until I fly off to Madrid, Spain.

8 days until Christmas.

Then soon enough it’s the New Year.

10 days into the new year is my 21st birthday.

And then, just like that—one week after celebrating—I go on my own to a whole new country.

I emailed my host mom earlier this week and she’s SO sweet.

Looking forward to the famous tapas, architecture, and trips around the city.

Can you tell I’m stoked for this next month?

p.s. Here’s the link to my campaign for those of you who can support me in anyway– Thanks for reading my blogs, and keeping tabs on me. Happy Sunday!


Off The News

p.s. Here’s a story that I’ve covered that’s been creating some conversation about Puerto Rico even now into the end of the week. Being a part of MSNBC’s team made me think of ways to make my own news packages much more meaningful in a digestible way. Many people on social media are thanking me for having done this package and creating this conversation on campus. So I thought I’d share it with you viewers, here.  Bringing national news to a local place, I’m Dynahlee Padilla.



Last Day at MSNBC

Attended a pitch meeting for Stay Tuned’s segment (and contributed).

Researched for the show for my final time–net neutrality and Trump’s prospective judges (newsy material).

Received gratitude, hugs, and a cake from Magnolia Bakery in New York City (so sweet).

Snagged a photo with the anchors, Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle (finally and thankfully).

Impacted my team immensely (as they kept saying thank you, wishing me the best, offering any help going forward, and hoping I could visit, and come back another time).

p.s. MSNBC’s 11 a.m. show made my farewell so special. I couldn’t have left happier on a Friday afternoon. And today I am rockin’ my NBC peacock-feathered hat. So so grateful for the love, support, and appreciation. Here’s to my 1st internship in the media being a success!



Once NPCTV, Always NPCTV

We still ask each other for advice on internships, news packages, and digital media coursework.

We still look out for each other on social media, support each other through text, and stop by to chat when we cross paths on campus.

We still give each other ideas, ask each other about our days, and wish each other the best, always.

p.s. On Thursday evening, some members from the original NPCTV (at least when I was Manager) got together over Mexican Kitchen Dinner. It’s been one of my favorites this semester. We talked, joked, laughed, and vowed to keep in touch. Once NPCTV, always NPCTV!

Highlights at MNSBC

p.s. Here’s a video I finished completing on Wednesday with the help of Joseph’s critical eye to say thanks to the team I’ve been with since September. It’s been so wonderful and wild all at the same time. I’ve been at the heart of so much news with so many people in the industry. And though I was not sure if I should take on the commitment due to school, a new job, and travel time, I couldn’t have made a better decision for my professional career. Thank you, MSNBC!

2nd to Last Day at MSNBC

Every Tuesday and Friday, I wake up at 3:15 a.m. to get ready for my 10-hour day at MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle morning show. I hop in a cab at 4:20 a.m. to get on the Trailways bus in town, which then leaves at 4:40 a.m. I get to the city by 6:15 a.m., and am clocked in for work by 6:45 a.m. –only after the morning hustle of a train ride and a walk to 6th avenue. Traveling has therefore been the most challenging part of my internship. It’s time-consuming, costly, and exhausting physically and mentally. But, it has also been a rewarding, learning experience. I’ve learned that I am capable of doing what I thought months ago would be merely impossible.

My strengths and success have everything to do with taking initiative and conversing with people I wanted to know more about. When my supervisor told me to meet someone in the office, or introduce myself to someone on a different floor or via email, I did. When I saw contributors on television that I wanted to meet, especially during the natural disasters coverage, I asked my producers and writers who they were, and how to get in contact with them. I sat down with producers and writers at all levels, and interviewed some of them for my initial fieldwork assignments. I did my best to set up informational with both anchors, though they were extremely busy. I always made it a point to say hello and smile around them, and take notes as they read and ad-libbed from the teleprompter. When I realized that national reporting was not something I could put into practice just yet, I researched a couple of people on WNBC’s website, and contacted local reporters who might allow me to tag along. I took a chance, asked my supervisor and HR, and then, I was able to learn with another team outside of the office. I even met Andrea Mitchell, Savannah Sellers, Mariana Atencio, and other guests from Bloomberg, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times—and even model, Petra Nemcova, which were the highlights of my experience.

However, I’ve struggled to find ways to feel and be useful to the team. My supervisor is the Senior Producer of the show, and so he invests his time in triple-checking and creating the content for it. So most days, I sit down, sift through my work email, read about the content the team will be using for the show, and conduct research for the show alongside of them.  I’ve used the same techniques MSNBC writers taught me to support them in their research. I’ve constantly sent them articles, videos, and other important nutgrafs for various topics, including Puerto Rico’s electric grid, Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose allegations, Trump getting UCLA’s freshmen out of jail in China, etc. Most people I’ve sent information to via email thanked me, and talked to me after the show to discuss more ideas. Some even opened up to me about their life, and we also talked about my life at New Paltz and even, my plans to study abroad in Madrid. These moments of conversation made my moments of weakness all worth it.

Being a part of MSNBC’s team for Velshi and Ruhle has given me an appreciation for national, political, and hard news. I’ve always steered away from reading, writing, and reporting on topics regarding elections, Trump, and money– unless I had no choice for an assignment. But I learned quickly after getting accepted to NBCU’s sphere of news that that was not being a real journalist. A real journalist devotes time to all types of news, especially news that impacts the nation, billions of people, as a whole. I didn’t realize how important impact was until I saw Velshi and Ruhle co-anchor stories about Equifax, Puerto Rico, Mexico, California disasters, and public hearings regarding Trump’s past and current cabinet. Without knowledge of these stories, how would I ever be part of conversations that help shape policy for my family and my friends’ families?

My future goals are to then consume both local and national news daily. I want to implement researching top stories in my daily consumption of news, as well—the way I’ve learned to here at the internship. I hope to keep in contact with my supervisor, writers, producers and reporters I’ve connected with going forward. In terms of future coursework, I’d like to take some sort of broadcast or television production course. I’d also love to do more local reporting in town, as well as hard news reporting of impactful topics on campus for WNPC-TV, and my newsreel. Overall, I’d like to land a summer internship in local news reporting, where I can support the team with human interest stories, and meet more people in my own community.

p.s. It’s been an insane, incredible, indescribable journey at MSNBC. And here I was, on Tuesday, taking it all in. Hope you enjoy this reflection I wrote about my experience thus far, and learn something from what I have been exposed to! 





Journalism in a Nutshell

We have to genuinely be curious.



Not unfeeling.

We have to be bold and just ask.

Inquisitive questions.

Interesting questions.

Understanding, explanatory questions.

Not boring questions.

We have to be compelling storytellers.




Not blabbing.

We must provide instead,

true, engaging reporting.

p.s. Today was my last feature writing class of the semester. It’s been a meaningful semester of writing for me. Thanks to my professor, here’s to journalism as I know it!



I wish my grandpa

I wish my grandpa stopped using

because if he had stopped using

he’d be seeing


and my sister

and my brother, he never got know.

He’d be visiting my college with my grandma.

He’d be spending time with us for the holidays.

He’d be listening and siding as grandparents do.

He’d be watching me and my sister go across the world

and back home.

He’d see that Jaden looks like him and my other grandpa, too.

He’d be here

if he had just stop


If he wanted to stop using.

If he got help to stop using.

I wish my grandpa

stopped using.

p.s. I heard a spoken word piece yesterday at a Kwanza Dinner program. The poem was about a son who’s mother was HIV positive, and how that same mother was also a smoker. His voice was full of emotion and power. Here’s to helping those people get healthy again. And here’s to you, Grandpa. Missing you.

From Now Into Senior Year

Enjoy the holidays.

Have the time of my life studying abroad.

Create a second-a-day video abroad, and a large video of my highlights abroad.

Land an internship for the summer.

Become a Student Activities Manager again.

Work for the International Student Services, which works closely with incoming international students.

Be a part of the Conversation Partners Program once more.

Maybe be a writing tutor?

p.s. Looking forward to these times ahead! Have a great night!

A Talk with Ali Velshi and Emily Glazer

Right now I am searching for experience. As I get older, experience will become less important, and a runway will become more beneficial– a place to stay, and grow.

Right now, I need to write articles that have some sort of unique angle, resolution, and call to action on those accountable.

Right now, I need to keep meeting people, keep in contact, and keep allowing people to help me and connect me to others.

p.s. I had an informational with anchor, Ali Velshi, and a phone call with Wall Street Journal writer,  Emily Glazer, and it was so fantastic! These conversations made my Friday better. Here’s to connecting with journalists!