A powerful application that can be time-consuming if you let it. But if used with care, a powerful tool to network, to reach out, and to share things about your life with people you want to share parts of your life with. I never used to use the Messenger app, until I found a unique purpose for it. I use it now to communicate with my international friends, and I cannot be more happy for the way it has allowed me to maintain special friendships from across the world. I am super thankful, and incredibly humbled by such a small, yet immense tool such as a free app. It means the world to me to get to talk to people who have made my college experience thus far even more wonderful.

p.s. Getting ready for my big trip. Stay tuned!


My Grandpa’s Letter

He writes me from Florida. His penmanship is a mix of Garamond and Georgia fonts. His letter is folded into three. And he starts with “Hi Dynee.” And ends with, “Sincerely your Grandmother Iris, and Grandfather, Anthony.” Days when I get his letters, I wish we lived closer. So I could say thank you in person. And see his reaction to mine. And talk to my grandmother more. He writes me from Florida, and I thank him for it.

p.s. I got home yesterday after a long day at MSNBC around 9 p.m., and was welcomed back home, to my little dorm, with a letter from him on my desk, neatly tucked in an envelope. His words made my Friday. Here’s to my Grandpa!

What Happened to Monday?









p.s. These are the questions that floated through my mind Thur. as Joseph and I watched, “What Happened to Monday?” on Netflix. Here’s to learning about dystopian societies, science, and sisterhood all in one movie.

p.p.s Thanks for the recommendation, sis! Incredible movie.

Music Video

Recruiting people for each role

Rewarding them with cider donuts and bottled water

Directing each character

Directing each shot

Checking off what’s been completed

Checking in on what’s needed

Feeling accomplished as a team

p.s. On Wednesday,  me and my partner created a music video for our Digital Storytelling class. We are so excited! We recreated “Bad At Love” by Halsey, and can’t wait to show you what we’ve done in post-prduction editing. Here’s to the fun in producing!

This World

continues to crumble in front of our eyes

everywhere we look there is something going on

some things we can control

others we can’t

some things we can defend

others we just can’t understand

This world

continues to crumble in front our eyes

it is unsteady and unstable

but it’s still our home

and though this world continues to crumble

I wake up each day


body aching,

hoping for better

p.s. On Tuesday at MSNBC, we covered the wildfires in Cali, the sexual allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, and Trump’s negative response to Puerto Rico. Some days I cannot understand why this world is so negative, so hateful. And maybe it’s been like this for a long time. But now I am seeing it. The best we can do is stay informed. And so, I just keep hoping and praying for better days across the nation and world.

Habits: Those which Make You Happy and Successful 

Thinking of long-term goals (not immediate achievement), and what must be done to get there in the process.

Going through those goals with a plan you seek to create.

Preparing to be amazed and smarter after a conversation with anyone.

Asking yourself: how happy you are doing this, how exactly you can get to your next achievement going forward, how important it will be for you to do this for yourself, and for others, and how this plan can transfer knowledge and create positive conversations to, for, and with others.

p.s. I read an article linked below, and it made great points about how to be content and successful simultaneously. Wishing everyone the best in finding this happy medium! #HappyMonday

p.p.s Read here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/things-successful-people-who-actually-happy-do-dr-travis-bradberry/?trackingId=6HmIVTKROxNc0XiRohrgqw%3D%3D

Almost Like Praying

wishing well upon others

asking for forgiveness

listening to understand

finding a song that speaks volumes

reading a book that has nothing but wonder

improving a place, a space, a people

talking with others who have a little bit of God in them

p.s. On Sunday, I listened to ‘Almost Like Praying,’ a song produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, for Puerto Rico many times over.  It’s incredible. Please take a listen, and think about Puerto Rico. His song reminded me of all these things, and more. Here’s to healing.


Pinball, Food, and Always Being Late

Let’s start with pinball. Pinball is addicting. There are so many lights that my eyes are attracted to. And sometimes, if you’re doing really good, 3 pinballs come out at once, and it’s awesome. And if you’re trying really hard, sometimes the machine saves your ball, and allows you to play without losing a turn. And it’s even more fun when you’re competing with both your competitive little brother and sister at a place where history is everywhere.

Now, let’s dive into food. Leftover Spanish food is the best when heated up right. I had plantains and steak with onions. Then later, I had chicken ranch pizza at a pizza bar with the people I love. And the pizza was actually delish.

And now for being late. I am always late, especially when it’s time to get back to campus. Therefore, at 7:50 p.m. my mom, brother, and me jumped out the car, slammed the sliding doors, grabbed my bags from the trunk, and ran through the sides of the traffic jam in Times Square 7th avenue to get to my bus on 8th avenue at 8 p.m.

p.s. Nonetheless, it was a day of PURE fun (not to mention thrill)! Thanks to them for making it special. Miss them already. Hope you had a pretty cool Saturday, too. xoxo

I Returned Home

to surprise my little brother with his favorite snack (aka apples), and SUNY New Paltz fidget spinners

to shower without plastic sandals; to shower in my own shower

to listen to the radio

to eat a grand glass bowl of chocolate cereal for dinner with a side of sweet potato pie from the nearby Kennedy

to have family dinner and laugh. A lot.

p.s. Here’s to being home (even for a day)! Hope you enjoyed your Friday 🙂

1st Time in Print

My article on Hugo the Hawk was officially published for one of my school’s websites! It feels so amazing to see my writing on another platform other than my own. Someone else is promoting me. More people who go to the site religiously will see it. This means more people will recognize my name, my style of writing, and get an insight into the types of questions I ask. And overall, gain understanding on the type of person I am as an aspiring journalist. I’ve been a subject in someone’s article before. But getting my writing online, and my name in the byline, is something extraordinary. Something unfathomable.

p.s. Hugo the Hawk and I made it to the SUNY New Paltz’s Recreation and Wellness page. Thanks so much, Joe, for giving me an inside look into your life as Hugo. Thanks to the Athletic Communications Director, Monica D’Ippolito, for offering to publish it online, too. Here’s to my 1st time in print!

Read here: http://nphawks.com/…/general-suny-new-paltzs-hugo-the-hawk-…