post office chronicles

wondering if I’m going to accomplish what I came to accomplish here. wondering if the people working here actually want to work here. wondering if the line will continue to feel like an eternity. wondering if the others on the line feel the same way. wondering what I can get accomplished by just standing in line. wondering if I have the correct paperwork even when I’ve quadruple checked. left wondering.

p.s. On Monday I went to apply for a new passport and it was a disaster. Every time I come to the post office, no one knows how to help me or explain anything to me when I ask questions. They get annoyed at me for asking questions, and it totally feels like a waste of time. So, here’s to being left wondering! Better days are yet to come.

Father’s Day

shares his wisdom with us

listens to our concerns for us

gives ideas to us

shows he cares about us

drives around with us

p.s. happy father’s day to my lovely dad, my twin! thank you for raising me so young and never failing me, never failing us. You’re a blessing to me and those around you. You’re the life of the party and the life of this family, always. I love you. We all do! Blessed to have spent Father’s Day with you. ❤️❤️❤️

so proud

A couple of moons ago, I expressed how much my trip to Thailand meant to me to my sister. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to travel even more, and I encouraged my sister that if given the opportunities at the right time and right place, she should take them to travel too. She always said that traveling did not interest her. Fast forward a couple of years later, she beams about opportunities to travel. One, to go to Ireland with her culinary department, and two, to go to California to promote buildON, the organization she went to Senegal, Africa with. She’s changed incredibly.

p.s. So proud of Kate! She finally gets it. With age comes wisdom. Hoping we can make these trips happen for her. Here’s to being a proud sis!

p.p.s. Can’t believe Jaden is going to be in his last year of Elementary School next year. Time is soaring! He’s changing a lot, too.

The hindsight of yesterday

acquired knowledge. history. time stamp. memories. identity. outlook.

p.s. I finished reading The You I’ve Never Known yesterday. Hopkins’ free-verse novels always give me goosebumps. Her characters give me life. Her poetry reminds me I’m only human. The last poem created had this line: “blessed with the hindsight of yesterday.” Simple, yet gorgeous part of the stanza. Here’s to hindsight!

I thought of this

I wish we could all be given the gift

to extract the anger

from the pit of our stomachs.

I wish we could all be given the courage

to throw that fury out the window


transform that feeling

into something


I wish we could see this transformation

in the sky

from ugly

to a soaring wonderful

as if

by the process

of reincarnation.

p.s. On Thursday I read a poem in Hopkins’ The You I’ve Never Known that wrote about anger so perfectly. Here, the main character battled the word, and the feeling, yet, also came to an understanding (ironically). Here’s to what I wish we could do with anger.


my momma always tells me

to speak up firmly, yet professionally

to craft an email carefully

to calm down; some anger is not worth directing or misdirecting

to think clearly

to listen constantly

to do my research properly

to be grateful, to be thankful, wholeheartedly

p.s. I watched Forrest Gump for the 1st time on Wednesday with Joseph. We absolutely loved it! Forrest narrated the story with saying, “My mama always told me.” I wrote this post with the same concept. So, here’s to what your mom always tells you!

I Vowed

To stop drinking soda today after guzzling Pepsi for dinner.

To exercise every weekday, even after work, even if I am tired.

To listen to Spanish music as I workout and learn the lyrics of my favorite songs.

To be at peace with things, all things.

p.s. Most of these thoughts occurred to me as I was walking up and down the stairs of my apt. building (part of my workout routine for this summer). Here’s to hoping these thoughts all stick!


This Summer

We talked about our plans.

To save money.

To spend some money.

To keep money.

We talked about our plans.

To go to the beach.

To watch movies.

To visit a couple of museums.

We talked about plans.

To get a job.

To change jobs.

To obtain a better job.

We talked about our plans.

p.s. I visited my old high school, Beacon, yesterday with a dear friend of mine,  Nikki. Jaden tagged along too as he did not have school. We then bought food (Chipolte for us girls, Mcdonald’s for J), then hung out at Bryant Park, and checked out the Spun chairs right on 7th ave. Pretty awesome day. Here’s to our plans for summer 2017!

Puerto Rico

que bonita bandera.

soy boricua para que lo sepas.


de la isla.

a comer pasteles ….arroz con gandules…

la salsa.

guayaba y queso de papa.


y para que llorar pa’ que.

p.s. These are some words and lyrics that captivate Puerto Rico in my world, especially in honor of today’s 60th anniversary of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. I’m very proud to be Puerto Rican, and blessed to have been to Puerto Rico several times. I love that I have roots in an island where my grandparents grew up, and that in the past 6 years, have taken time to truly dedicate myself to learning the Spanish language. Here’s to that! Que viva Puerto Rico para siempre!

All That I Am

The Oldest. First-born.

A sister.

Partner. Fiancee.

Best Friend. Friend.




Daughter. Goddaughter. Granddaughter.

New York– The Bronx.

Puerto Rico.


New Paltz.











p.s. On Saturday morning as I took the train to work, I read a poem in Hopkins’ novel called, “All that I am.” I liked the sound of it. So here’s to all that I am!