3 Wishes

If I had 3 wishes,

I’d wish for 3 things to work out.

I’d wish for smooth sailing, or rather driving,  to pass my road test.

I’d wish for peace and tranquility within me throughout this process of preparing for my internship.

I’d wish for the same serenity for getting back to the groove of school and new commitments.

p.s. My brother asked me before we went to bed on Monday if I had 3 wishes what I’d wish for. Above are the wishes I shared with him. Here’s to wishing!

Junior Year

is the time you think differently

open up your mind to the possibilities

and seek for something within the depths of you

without even knowing possible

it’s the reflection process

that keeps on reflecting

and each time you think,

you reach toward

a much more refined brink



p.s. My sister talked to my mom and I today about opening up her field of work to  explore culinary arts and not just her passion in pastry arts. So, here’s to junior year! Can’t believe my sis and I are juniors-her in high school, and me in college. How did that happen?

Taboo Rules

  1. Think about the words surrounding the main word without saying any of the ‘taboo’ words
  2. Flip through the cards quickly, while keeping a keen eye on the pink sandy timer, being careful not to drop any cards on the floor
  3. Have a blast while going through the cards in a blast

p.s. I think Taboo has to be my favorite party game ever. I love words and this game makes you think carefully about what words you need to use. Yesterday I played a game with my parents and cousins and we had a blast. So here are rules you need to know before  delving in!

The Sky

so grandiose

when the lights that twinkle are stars

and the lights that don’t are planets.

in this wild universe

so grandiose

is the sky that cries thunder

is the sky that shares anger

with the rest of earth

in lightning.

so grandiose

is the sky.

as it is home to other stellar matter

and a wholesome gift to creatures,

especially those

staring at its



p.s. On Friday I covered an event at work regarding space and science week. Here, I was able to watch the sky transform through telescopes and a bird’s eye view. It was the best day I’ve ever had at work. Ever. Here’s to the sky!





Going somewhere you don’t want to go to make your parents happy. Doing laundry and cleaning the home to make your parents happy. Hanging with your siblings and really hyper cousins to make your parents happy. #itswhatwedo

p.s. On Thursday I watched a very early episode of That 70’s Show. Here, one of the main characters wore a star-patterned jumpsuit to match her parents, which created the American Flag. She didn’t want to wear it,  but supporting the cause and her parents made her parents happy. And gave them all an unforgettable experience. Here’s to what we do for our parents as they do for us kids!

A ‘College’ Summer 

a battle between working a lot

and being bored by working too little

a battle between working too little

and yet, being exhausted by standing all day doing nothing

a battle between hanging out with friends, family, mentors, special someones, and everyone


a battle between being an adult under a roof

and an adult under a dorm,

a different type of territory

a battle battle between wanting to stay home

and wanting to go back to school

A ‘College’ Summer

p.s. On Wednesday I worked at Morningside Center. They call me as needed, and thankfully I was available. Even though I was tired from jury duty two days prior, sheer exhaustion is a part of growing up. Here’s to a ‘College’ summer! What’s yours like?

Starting Today

Make the most of the 3 weeks ’til summer is over. Hit up Empire State Experience. Do Karaoke. Meet up with a friend. Go to the Beach. Jump in the pool. Visit my family. Have a dance party. Work a couple of more shifts. Purchase what is needed. Pack up the essentials. Pass my road test.

p.s. I hope I can make all this happen. Here’s to what August may bring!

Surviving Jury Duty 101

Bring stuff to do. Read a book. Sort through your emails. Reach out to people you haven’t in a while. Catch up on your favorite shows. Write out things you need to on your phone and send them out later. Bring a charger. Listen up. Do your best not to slump in your chair and fall asleep. Hope to get the case if you want a case. Hope to get dismissed if you rather work at your day job.

p.s. Yesterday I went in for Day 1 of Jury Duty. Above are some tips to not be bored out of your mind. Here’s to civic duties! Or in my case, waiting to be or not to be part of civic duties!

Red Lobster Rules

Our favorite indulgence: buttery biscuits

Our favorite drinks: strawberry lemonades

Our favorite topic: future plans, near or far

Our favorite game: guessing the damage, the bill

p.s. On Sunday, Joseph and I went to Red Lobster after work. We had a good time catching up apart from work. Here’s to ‘Red Lobster Rules!’

Spa Castle

hot saunas, hot tubs, hot, heated tubs #mykindofSaturday

p.s. I had a wonderful day catching up with my cousins at Spa Castle today. It was a much needed hydrotherapy together. Here’s to mis primas!