Solutions to my Problems

Too many things to do? Stop booking so many things to do. Learn to take a break.

Not finding time to eat? Make time to eat. Create smoothies and shakes to fill you up, and be on the move at the same time. And perhaps buy an Instant Pot.

Lacking sleep?  Wake up early to get things done, and then, sleep early and repeat.

p.s. I asked some people on Wednesday what I should do in regards to all these problems. Here’s the quick, sage advice that I needed to hear. Here’s to finding solutions to problems!



Megyn Kelly & What I Learned About the World

This world: in which so much evil lurks. But somehow, someway, there is so much good in the midst of this painful evil, too. And most of all, people need healing. And healing only comes with listening. And “listening only comes with the intent to understand–not with the intent to reply.” And many individuals want to talk about these issues with others. And many need to understand that talking with others for and against these very evil issues are key to finding resolutions. And we all need a little laughter to brighten up all of humanity. And we need hope combined with so much love to keep us going.

p.s. Joseph and I got invited to Megyn Kelly’s show on the TODAY Tuesday morning. And I learned so much about what others are thinking. So, here’s to this world and hoping it will heal soon. #PrayforLasVegas #PrayforPR #Prayfortheworld

Service Article Pitch

I am really excited to work on a new article regarding how to land an internship in the media. I definitely have some experience in trying to find internships and not getting anywhere. But not giving up, finding resources, and asking the right questions, are essential to getting an offer from a company you really want to intern with and for. I think this article will be important for college students (especially) because experience in said field is key to being able to talk about oneself for a job later down the road.  I will explore a number of topics within this article, and hope it will serve as a guide for those looking for internships in the media, and for those wanting to land more than one in the near future (me included).

p.s. My class helped me solidify some ideas for this article idea on Monday. I am grateful for its input. I will definitely share the final version on my blog when the time comes. Hope you had a great week!

Apple Pie Details

Step 1: Go apple picking at a farm near your college town.

Step 2: Head to the supermarket to get a pre-made pie crust, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, granular white sugar, a bowl and a whisk.

Step 3: Drive back to the dorm, and unload all the bags into the communal kitchen.

Step 4: Get the rest of the materials upstairs in your room.

Step 5: Clean, skin, and cut the apples into small-medium pieces, and toss into pan.

Step 6: Create the hot, cinnamon-sugar-filled sauce to drizzle over the apples.

Step 7: Put the apple pie to bake.

Step 8: Eat the masterpiece.

Step 9: Text your sis in between since she’s the chef here.

p.s. Last Sunday, Joseph and I went apple picking, and were inspired by our friend’s family to make an apple pie. And so we did. Here’s to October, apple picking, and pumpkin everything!

SUNY New Paltz’s Hugo the Hawk: More Than the Average Joe; Senior proud to be school’s mascot and why

Joseph Mausler, 21, sits back with his cap on backwards, and a grin. He is in fact, Hugo the Hawk, a popular face of New Paltz, who represents fifteen sports teams.

In 2016, a student who had been assigned to Hugo for the women’s championship game against Geneseo was missing in action. Personal Trainer, Gary Gall, was running out of time to find someone to fill in, and asked Mausler for a favor.

Mausler, also an athlete on the soccer team, happily accepted the challenge, and has not stopped being Hugo ever since. Here, we explore who Hugo the Hawk is, and how this role has impacted Mausler’s college career.

Q: What makes you have school spirit?

A: Well, I just love New Paltz. It’s the best place on earth honestly. And it’s funny because I was not going to come here…We were driving through Main Street, and my mom was like: “Hey look at the campus. See if you like it.” And what I remember on the phone was me saying: “Mom, there’s zero shot I’m coming to this school. So, I’m not going to even bother.” And I was in a bad mood. And then, I got recruited for soccer here, and I came for an overnight with a couple of friends. And it was the best night of my life.

Q: Who do you think Hugo is at the heart of it all? If someone were to ask you who is Hugo, what would you respond?

A: He is the life of athletics, of hawks. I would say every time I’m wearing the thing, all the little kids come up to me, and it’s pretty cool. Sometimes they’re scared because it’s a big bird. I have this one picture that’s hilarious of a baby crying in my arms. He was like one—not even, so it was really funny. But yeah, he was really cute. You just bring the energy to the hawks. Remind you that we’re the hawks, and you should be proud of that.

Q: Is there anything that stood out in your first experience as Hugo that you can remember?

A: It was definitely a lot hotter in the suit than I thought it would be. I didn’t think of that at all. So, when I wore it, I had to go under the bleachers every 5 min. at most to take the helmet off and towel down. And someone needed to get me water. I was downing bottles of water in seconds, and then going back out there. And walking up stairs is hard. The shoes are really big. I tripped a couple of times.


Q: What’s the most rewarding thing about being Hugo?

A: It’s the joy of people. Definitely that. Seeing people laugh and have fun. The best part is when you see a group of people sitting there. You can tell they’re just too shy to do things. You can easily pick those faces out. And going up to them, and getting them hype, gets them a little more rowdy.

Q: What’s been the most challenging part about being Hugo?

A: Doing it when you’re exhausted. We had pre-season for a week, which means we had two [scrimmages, simulated games] a day. So, we play in the morning at 7, and then again at 2. Everyday. And then we had this BBQ, and I had to be Hugo for that. And when your legs are just shot, and you’re just so tired, it’s like: “Do I really want to do this?” But then you do it because you have to…I feel like if I said, “No,” I’d regret it.

Q: How do you balance being Hugo while being at this school?

A: I make the time pretty much…Some people are going to be like: “Oh, honestly it’s going to be a long day. I can’t be Hugo.” When they could necessarily be Hugo. That time slot’s free. It’s just that they have something that’s leading up to like fifteen min. before it, or something that starts right after it…. But I don’t really see it as that. I just see it as: I have a time slot, and that’s it. If it’s open for me, I’ll make it there.

Q: Who would you be without Hugo in your college experience?

A: I would be the average Jo (laughs). I wouldn’t be Hugo. I wouldn’t have that character, a persona. It just goes on with that I’m a high-energy person as it is, and I’m always just all over the place, and my friends always tell me that. So, they’re just like: “Who you are is perfect for a Mascot.” And I’m like: “Wow, thanks.” I’ll just take it as a compliment…So, I’d be nothing without Hugo.

p.s. Here is my complete Q and A with our lovable Mascot, Hugo the Hawk! Hope you enjoy it!

Power Through

Wake up to the desperate sound your phone makes to wake you up at 3:15 a.m. Officially get up from the bed at 3:18 am. Put on your glasses. Get your stuff to shower, and your clothes to get dressed. Walk to the bathroom. Turn on the blazing water and let it run. Shower. Get dressed. Get ready with makeup and book bag essentials. Look for milk in your fridge to eat some cereal. Run downstairs to catch your cab to the bus station. Sit in the brisk of autumn while waiting for your bus to pull into the parking lot. Show the driver your bus ticket. Climb onto the bus. Set up your soothing Lana Del Rey music, and sleep until your 6:10 am alarm screeches in your ear buds. Almost time to get off the bus, and call your office to be a part of the 6:15 a.m. morning pitch call. Get off the bus. Walk 10 blocks, and 2 avenues down. Swipe your ID on the correct elevator bank, and head into your office. Fast forward calling cabs for guests, picking up guests in the lobby, heading to hair and makeup, asking questions, shadowing the tape producer, and observing logging important people’s speeches. It is now 5:15 p.m. Clock out. Walk back to Port Authority. On your way there, make a pit stop at the bank. Make a pit stop at the bodega. Grab some pretzels and a Red Bull. Get on the bus. Put in your buds. Call a cab to pick you up at the bus station in 2 hours. Sleep for about an hour. Reply back to messages via text and email. Run off the bus and get into another cab that’s been waiting 10 min. for you. Last but not least, have it drop you off in front of your other job: the beloved Student Atrium. It is now 8 a.m. 4 more hours to power through. Do rounds. Assist students with tech. Count how many people are in each space. Lock all the doors. Turn off all the lights. Because it’s finally closing time.

p.s. That was a look into my Friday into early Sat. morning between 2 jobs on the same day because it’s my ‘Weekend’ shift this time. Here’s to powering through!

Good Friends



Ask questions.

Invite conversation.

Lend advice.



Wait to hang out–again.

p.s.  On Thursday, I caught up with my friend, Shrien, at our favorite place called Hasbrouck Dining Hall (just kidding). HAS isn’t great, but our conversation made up for it. She constantly gives me a reason to think about the positive vibes in college. She’s definitely one of them. Here’s to good friends and good vibes!

Just Like Old Times

I’m sitting in his somewhat organized office. The leather seat of a couch seems like it’s been waiting for me all this time. It’s just like old times. His office door is open. Others can peer in and say hello, or interrupt our conversation. But I don’t mind. I miss hearing their voices for my guidance. I miss hearing their ideas for me to approve or question. I miss contributing to, for, and with the team. And so, just like old times, I’m here in my former supervisor’s office, simply wanting an ear to listen. And maybe inviting advice without realizing it.

p.s. On Wednesday, I had a meeting with Elkyn. It was nice catching up with a dear old mentor and friend. He’s great even when he’s very strong in his opinions. It’s good to hear his very many perspectives as a person who was a student at New Paltz, who is a father, and who is a supervisor you learn from in all aspects of life. Here’s to feeling just like old times!

Digital Storytelling Audio Project

Here is the moment my friend and I have been waiting for. After much time in and outside of class, using programs called Media Encoder and Pro Tools, we completed what we believe to be a compelling non-fiction narrative. This project is about a senior at SUNY New Paltz who grew up in a Dominican household, while simultaneously holding an American identity, and status.

p.s. Listen here:

–Feel free to like, comment, and question. Looking forward to any thoughts about the content and the way in which it was composed. Hope you had a great Monday as well! I know finishing this project proved to be the best part of Nydia and I’s Monday morning yesterday. Thank you all in advance, and take care of yourself, and each other.

p.p.s Some issues uploading Monday–but I got it now! Enjoy 🙂

Today, And Our World Tomorrow 

Our credit histories are being manipulated without our saying or doing anything wrong.

It’s ironic because our doings were in an effort to build our credit, a

and yet, we have been challenged by the companies we thought we could trust most.

We were so remote in this entire process,

and somehow we appear at the center of it all.

And while we are at some kind of war with our credit reports and accounts,

we begin to verge on another one

because sides

continue to be taken

and the difference


justice and injustice

continues to blur

when we don’t take a step back.

We begin to battle between


of love and hate

when there’s a

much more common

ground called:

understanding and neutrality

despite our impassioned passions.

And on top of those battles,

other places suffer differently,

adding to the hurt this world has identified with,

even if it has not claimed it.

But is willing to be resilient for it.




The Virgin Islands.


Mi pequeña, pobre isla, Puerto Rico

My small, poor island, Puerto Rico

Each place:

finding ways to cope in their dismayed lives

finding ways to find hope under the rubble

finding ways to rebuild their broken souls, and then, the places they call home

pleading for our help–

not because they want to

but because they have to

and at the same time, are not ashamed to,

because lives full of futures are at risk.

And lives not directly impacted are at risk regardless…

as we are heading

to another, different,


kind of war

shaped in nuclear spheres

between two powers

that want to hold all the spheres on their own

Today, and our world


Born to die

as beautiful people

with beautiful problems,

but not



p.s. Thank you for letting me share this with you this Tuesday.